Not Cheap…


We like to make the distinction between cheap and affordable.

Cheap is the guy with a pickup truck and no insurance who cannot be held accountable for damage to himself, you, or your property.

Affordable is a crew like us with the right equipment, the right experience, and the right insurance in case of any accidents.

We know “affordable tree service” is what people need and want, whether they know it or not. Our small team has low overhead, all the right equipment, and a love for the game.

Since we are not a “big box” option or trying to take over all of north Georgia, we can pass on those savings to you.


We make our living doing what we love to do. Even though we are affordable, it does not mean we treat our customers any less important.

Because we strive for excellence, we know the customer experience is a huge factor. And to do this just because we want the money will show in the interactions with our clients.

As a customer, you want to know that we care about your and your property, not because of the problems it causes, but because of the pride involved. If we were¬† a “cheap tree service”, the attitude would probably show.


One of the worst things we can do is to present a price before we see the job.

There are so many nuances about felling a tree that to say we can remove any tree for a fixed price, would set unrealistic expectations with our customers.

Because of that, don’t hesitate to have us come out and give you a FREE QUOTE. We’ll come out and give you a proper assessment of the situation with your trees AND give you an affordable quote.

To say we’ll do it for cheap, up front, sight unseen, will put a tree company out of business or lose trust with the customer when the upcharges start rolling in.

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