Be Aware Of The Following…


High winds will knock all the dying limbs out of a tree at best. At worst, it will make your tree fall. Are the roots exposed? Is it top heavy? Leaning? Any one of these and more can make it easy for winds to come through and blow down your trees. It is especially important to take note of the potential damage a tree can cause if it fell in any direction and take measures to mitigate it. Don’t wait for hurricane season to wreak havoc on your landscape, call us for a FREE evaluation.


More common in the North Georgia Mountains, take note of weak limbs. Especially the larger branches. Are any hanging over your gazebo or porch or even house? You’ll want to take care of those before the heavy accumulation of snow. These are harder to predict but most commonly occur in Maple trees. It is easiest to just take note of what you want to protect and be proactive. You never know when the next snow will make the branch give way.


lightning damage - Howard GarrettYes! This is an obvious one but what should be more obvious is if you see that a tree has taken lightning damage. Trees with lightning scars are destined to fall, it’s a matter of time. So inspect your trees for any lightning scars and get that tree taken care of sooner than later. It won’t take the next hurricane season, just the next gust of wind.

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