Tree stumps can be very difficult to remove. We know this extra service is often frowned upon becuase of its high costs.

We provide you an affordable solution that not only gets the job done, but can even be rolled into our other services for a discount.

Stumps can be a tripping hazard to those on the property, an annoyance for lawn maintenance, and attractive to termites. We have the equipment in the Gainesville, GA area to remove the whole stump.

With our services, we can even chase roots and ensure no visible signs of the stump are left over.

Stump take years to decompose on their own, so in case of an immediate need, give us a call!

There are many reasons to remove your stumps. In addition the reasons mentioned above, a stump leaves the landscape unusable for accessory buildings or other construction projects and they often provide habitats for pests.
Tree stumps can vary in size and depth and our team is prepared to remove all of it! We have the right tools and equipment to make sure that your tree stump is properly removed.

We are confident that we will leave your landscape looking clean and beautiful! And if you’d prefer to keep the chips for compost, no problem!

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