Tree removal is one of the most common tree services. Our team can remove any tree, no matter how big or small. No matter what position its in or what property may be in danger.

Our team understands that tree removals can be considered an emergency, so we are equipped to help you in the best way possible. Fallen, sagging, diseased, pest-infected, or dead trees are all reasons to remove a tree from your property, especially to protect your home or accessory structures.
Our licensed and insured arborists have the right equipment to properly remove trees and to leave your landscape looking clean, healthy, and beautiful! We are ready to remove your trees, so give us a call at anytime!


You can count on our crews to clean up after themselves. Tree removal is a messy business, but professionals can easily handle the clean up afterwards.

Ensure you are working with a team with solid reviews and don’t leave a mess (or a headache) for you to worry about afterwards.

In some cases, it is even preferable to leave a pile of woodchips on the property. If you need mulch or composting pile, be sure to ask when booking your appointment.

We understand that cleanup is almost as important as removing the tree itself. The look of your property greatly improves when we’re done with it.

cleaning up tree debris

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Service(s) Requested

Land & Lot Clearing

Land clearing is necessary when trying to build a pool, a new house, or a complex. Lot clearing requires a lot of large equipment that should only be handled by professionals. Our team is equipped with the tools to properly clean out a lot or land. We are confident that we can handle any project, big or small, at a reasonable price.

We can also remove unnecessary or unwanted trees, bushes, and shrubs. We want to make sure your land is nice and clear for you to build a new amenity. We are ready to help you fulfill your land clearing needs so contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Fallen Trees

Fallen trees can be caused by weather or damage and can be dangerous if not handled properly. Sometimes fallen trees occur to other factors such as age and disease. It is important to inspect your trees every so often to know if your trees need further care or maintenance. It is important to inspect the area and make sure that there are no damaged phone or power lines. It is also important never to remove the tree on your own. 
Removing any fallen tree requires professional equipment and knowledge. Our team is certified arborists that have the trainings and skills to properly remove fall trees. Tree Service Experts of Gainesville can provide you with the help you need.


Sagging or Leaning Trees

Leaning trees are very hazardous as they can fall and potentially harm pedestrians and other properties. Sometimes a leaning tree isn’t necessarily unhealthy, but they can look out of place in an area or landscape. Tree removal is a possible solution for these leaning trees, but it is not the only solution.
With leaning and sagging trees, our team can help determine whether a tree is a hazard towards others and if there are any necessary steps to take. Our certified arborists will inspect the tree and suggest the best way to properly handle it. Our team wants to make sure that you and your property are safe from any sort of danger.

Here is a link to our French Canadian Partner, Emondage Beloeil. They provide great service just outside of Montreal. Also check out Tree Service San Jose for any needs out in CA.