Tree trimming is a very common tree care service. Some common reasons for pruning could be to remove dead branches and to improve tree form.

It is time to prune your trees when the limbs are weak, diseased, or dead. Tree trimming can also help with the air circulation within the tree itself sustaining less damage from high winds. Trimming does not harm the tree in anyway and leaves it looking better than before, almost like a good hair cut.

Another common reason to trim your trees is to raise the canopy. By cutting off the low hanging branches, you increase the amount of sunlight for grass and other flowering plants to grow. Getting grass to grow beneath your trees helps protect against soil erosion and exposing the roots of the tree. It also helps reduce the possibility of fungus issues.

And if you have one of those branches that hangs over your fence or other accessory structure, we’ve got you covered. Our knowledge of rigging allows to quickly and easily chop off branches while avoiding any damage to your property. Especially if its your neighbors property that is in danger.

To learn more about how we use ropes, you can watch a fun little video about rigging put together by European counterpart.

This is especially useful in dense neighborhoods or where large trees grow such as Flowery Branch or other communities around Lake Lanier.
Trees should be pruned to prevent any damages or problems in the future. Our team can help prune your trees and make them look the best that they can be. Contact us today to see how we can serve you!

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