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Welcome! If you need a service to help you with your trees, we are here to help. Gainesville Tree Experts covers Northeast Georgia and will ensure that from first contact until the final truck leaves your property, you are treated in the most professional and courteous manner.

Our insured and certified arborists have professional skills and training that enable them to handle any tree care need. From tree cutting service to stump grinding to tree trimming, our team is ready to assist you with professional tree maintenance services!  We take care of all your needs so that your landscape is well-kept without fear of property damage caused by fallen limbs, leaning or diseased trees. We also provide emergency tree services for any unforeseen needs that usually arise from severe weather. Gainesville Tree Experts will take great care of your property and leave it safe and looking healthy. Our arborists know what’s best. Leave it to us to handle all the hard work!

Maintaining your landscape is an important way to showcase your property. We will provide affordable tree service so you don’t have to worry about protecting property value. We will work to make your yard, park or other landscape is left looking beautiful. We offer a full range of services and locations for Gainesville GA, Flowery Branch, and beyond in Northeast Georgia.

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Do you need to remove a dead tree that has fallen or in danger of falling? Removing trees is necessary in order to protect people, homes, and buildings. Sometimes, cutting down a tree is necessary for the well being of other trees and shrubs. Whether you have a dead tree or just want to clear your land, as a full service tree company, will help by providing the most affordable tree removal costs you can find.


Do you have an unwanted stump on your property? Stumps can be a safety hazard for those on the property. Other times, you need a tree stump removed so you can improve your landscape’s appearance. Whatever the reason, Local Tree Service Experts will help make your tree stumps quickly disappear.


Do you have trees or branches that need to be trimmed or pruned back? Tree Maintenance Experts can help maintain your trees that need a little extra care. Raise the canopy of your trees to improve lawn health and reduce the number of leaves in the fall. Our services will help leave your trees looking healthy and beautiful. Enhance your curb appeal and increase your property value by calling our tree trimmers today!

Thank you for choosing Gainesville Tree Experts for all of your tree care needs in the Gainesville, Flowery Branch and surrounding areas. We will do our best to service your tree care needs. If we can’t help, we will find you someone of equal or better repute that will. Outside of being the best at taking care of your tree problems, we want to ensure you have the best customer experience. If you ever have any problems with service you receive, please notify us immediately and we will work to resolve your issues.

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Specializing in tree pruning. Emergency services, dead trees, land & lot clearing, leaning & sagging trees, stump removal, planting, preservation, pruning, and more.

A Tree Company For North Georgia. Includes Cumming, Flowery Branch, Gillsville, Jefferson, Maysville, Oakwood, Pendergrass, Talmo, Cleveland, Demorest, Clarksville and beyond!

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